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welcome to
Woods Cove

At the Cove we absolutely welcome our new residents and help them fit in seamlessly with our current residents. It is just a matter of time before you are part of the family and the fun & games begin.
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Director of Activities
"At Woods Cove we absolutely strive to bring a smile to all those in our care. Every happy face we see makes our day feel so much lighter and brighter."

We Strive for the Biggest Smiles

Our Philosophy

There's always time for a good chat with friends.
Our goal is to always provide a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere where our residents can take the time to enjoy each others company. As well as to welcome our newest guests and make them feel at home too.

Always Ready
to Chat

Game Time
in the Woods

Bingo is a Serious Business

All of our residents are big fans of game time and come ready to play. Don't worry our staff love game time too and will bring all your favourite games.

Let's Make Friends For Life

Dedicated Staff, Always Here For You:)




201 W. Criser Road,
Front Royal, VA 22630